Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day New Release

Hey everyone! Before we get to the Veteran's Day MEGA update with a ton of new Military tribute tops for men and women.... we would like to take a moment to remember and thank each and every US Veteran and Active duty or reserve service member for their dedication, hard work, courage and the sacrifice they have made to among other things, allow us ALL to enjoy freedoms such as Second Life! Alexohol is committed to showing support to our troops and veterans in any way we can and as been said here before, it's why we started Alexohol Fashions to begin with! Thank you once again to each and every one of you, and to your families as well.

Well, Alex has been a busy busy girl....she's managed to pump out a ton of ALL NEW US MILITARY tops for men and women and heeeeeerreeeeeee they are.... Tanks and Tees are L$100 each! The Hoodies in both men and women's with Prim attachments are only L$150 Each!!!

All the shirts are made for each branch of the military but here is
just a small sample of the new tops:


US Navy

US Army

US Air Force

US Coast Guard

Finally one very near and dear to Alex and Erica

We've had a donation kiosk up at our mainstore for Operation Uplink for a few months now and by all reports, it's going very well! We'd like to help them push this very noble program that helps Military personnel abroad connect with loved ones back home and we're starting Red Shirt Fridays this week. Each week we will be making a new shirt to wear on Fridays in support of our troops and your donation will get you the shirt and the lindens sent to Operation Uplink! More on this Friday when we start it but you can see more information about Red Shirt Fridays and Operation Uplink on our blog or at

We also have four other tees available for a small donation to Operation Uplink available @ our mainstore for only 50L each.

That is it for now! Hugs, kiss, call a Vet today, or any day and thank them for their Service!


Alex, Kylie, Ema and Erica

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