Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Taste of Summer

Hey Alexoholics! Did you miss us??

We missed you and we've got the hugest update of
Alexohol Fashions ....YET!

The month of April was pretty crazy for Alex & Kylie and kept us from having any time to put together things, but Alex was been busy designing when she had some spare time so instead of trickling them out over the next few weeks we present to you.....


We've cleared out the freshly tapped room and have filled it up with tons of new summery stuff to show off at the beach!!

Here are some sample pics:

This release is SO BIG we had to make space so the Alexohol Hangover outlet is PACKED with items we're retiring! Get them while they last at only $25L each!!! Our outlet store is located directly behind our mainstore, just follow the sign out the back door!

Hey! Know what else? Because it HAS been a while since we've gotten you drunk on fashion, we're giving away 5 100L gift cards and 1 500L gift card! If you are one of the first 50 customers to purchase any item from a taste of summer, you'll be entered into a drawing for one of the prizes!

Now........ON WITH THE RELEASE!!!!

All are available as separates as well as in different Bing packs that are deeply discounted at more than 30% off!!!

Bahama Mamma DRESSES!!! $L125/each or ALL 10 for $800!!! HUGE SAVINGS!!!

More colors available @ the store.

New Shorts!!! $100L/each or 7 for $L450!!!

Colors available in white, black, blue, brown and light blue.

2 new Mini's!!! Low Rise Mini's & Revealing Mini's! 6 colors in each set
are $75L each or in binge packs of 6 for $300L

Since it's officially summer, we couldn't do with new Alexohol bikinis. Cover up when you leave the beach with a matching sarong, they match the colors in the Mai-Tai and the Tropical Sunset bikini's and they are FREEEEEEE!!!! Make sure to stop by the Alexohol Mainstore.

Mai-Tai Bikinis!!! $80L/ each or all 7 for $L400!!!!

MORE *YES* MORE Bikini's!!!

Tropical Sunset! $L75/each or get all 6 for $L300!!!

Different colors available @ the store!!

New Tropical Sunrise Tops! $L50/ea or 6 for $200L!!!

Different colors available @ the store!!

New Button front tank tops!! $75L each or ALL 10 for $450L!!!

New Button Front Racer Back Tanks!!! $75L each or ALL for $L325!!!

Coming soon! Yes we have plans for even more for Alexohol.

NHL Hockey Playoff Jerseys!
World Cup Jerseys!
Updated American Flag *Military Gear*

Until next time, my friends, stay thirsty.


Alex, Kylie and Ema