Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Alexohol Store at DV8!

Alexohol has opened up a new store at the DV8 sim!

Stop by and check it out!  Limo here!

Soon, a new line of Alexohol gear will be available here, but for now, it's got some of your favorite Alexohol goodies!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Attention Bloggers!

Are you a fashion blogger?

Well, we're looking for you!

Alexohol has two great opportunities for fashion bloggers!

1. Alexohol is looking for bloggers to showcase our new releases!  Alexohol Bloggers are added to a blogger list and sent new releases.  It is not mandatory that you blog every item you receive, but we would appreciate as much exposure as you can give us.  Official Alexohol bloggers are asked to blog our items regularly, as they will be taken off the bloggers list after an inactive period of time.  Requirements are listed below!

Alexohol Blogger App:
=========Copy between the lines and paste to a notecard============================

Thank you for your interest in being a blogger for Alexohol Fashions. Please take the time to fill this out in it's entirety as incomplete applications will be discarded!  When complete, please change the name to Alexohol Blog- Your name and send please to Kylie Krell or AlexandraM Guisse!

1. Todays Date
2. Your Name:
3. Your Rez Date:
4. Your Blog:
5. How long have you been blogging?
6. How often do you blog?
7. Feeds you are listed in?
8. Social media you use to promote your blog?

Thank you for your interest, we'll be in touch.
AlexandraM Guisse
Kylie Krell
Alexohol Owners


2. Taste of SL the Hunt is approaching!  We're opening a blogger area early for vendors to give select bloggers an opportunity to preview the hunt!  Want in? Here's the app!  **They're due by June 8th!**
To view the TOSL Hunt Bloggers app, please visit the Taste of SL Bloggers Info Page
>>Fill out the app and send it in to Kylie Krell or AlexandraM Guisse OR drop it in the Bloggers app drop box at the Alexohol entrance

Blogger Requirements
Requirements for BOTH bloggers:
>Fashion-related bloggers only!
>High Quality pictures are the biggest MUST!   Pictures must be high quality, display the clothing/items well, be well lit, and look appealing!  
>All Items must be credited in your blog, including poses 
>Newer bloggers will be considered, but quality is a necessity
>Bloggers who only blog occasionally will not be considered.   We are looking for those that will blog consistently and, especially for the hunt, will cover the event thoroughly

**Any questions regarding either of these positions, please direct them to Kylie Krell or AlexandraM Guisse

New At Alexohol-5/30/11!

Limo to Alexohol here!

Happy Memorial Day!

If you missed the Taste of SL list this weekend, we've updated our pinup outfits for 2011! They're just $50L each or salute all 4 branches for just $150L! Special sale on these will stay up until Tuesday!


Two new releases for you!

Up first is a brand new skirt, the Summer Fling skirt!

 Available in 9 different colors or flower patterns @ $100L each or all 9 in a binge pack for $600L!

Next we've got a retro bikini to kick off your summer! The Old Fashioned is here!

Kick back on the beach in vintage style in 16 alluring colors! $100L each or get all 16 colors to suit your mood or style for just $1000L!!!

Are you a Top Shelf VIP? If you're not, this is the gift we just sent out!

 We've temporarily reduced the join fee to Top Shelf to just $100L as an early thank you gift as Alexohol gets ready to turn 2 years old! This is a limited time offer, the join board is at the main desk in our store, after you join, check past notices in group to get the gift!

Coming soon! We're hosting a grid wide hunt for the one year anniversary of A Taste of Second Life!

 We have 50 top designers lined up and more coming, check out the participants list @

<3 Alexohol Fashions

AlexandraM Guisse
Kylie Krell

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