Friday, November 13, 2009


A new movement has started in Second Life!!  Red Shirt Fridays are here!

I know I haven't blogged in a while, but it's due to my frantic designing!  Kylie...well.."blogged" for a few months (2 posts total ;))  And now our wonderful Ema has taken over and done an absolutely fabulous job!   But, this post is special to me, and so, I'm stealing her duties!

So, what are red shirt fridays?

Red Shirt Fridays is a RL movement in which people wear red shirts every friday in a how of solidarity forour deployed military personel.  This isn't a politcal's not a "pro war" fact, it's neither for or against the war.  What Red Shirt Fridays IS, however, is a movement to support our TROOPS.   The people that are out there sacrificing years of their lives for everyone else's freedoms.  RSF cares not if you support the political motivations of war...they care to show deployed troops and returning and old veterans that we appreciate their sacrifices.  Red shirts are worn because our troops bleed red, and we will continue this tradition every friday "until they all come home"

As a Second Life movement, we are seeking to further this aim.   We would like to see everyone wearing Red Shirts, reguardless if they're "official" RSF shirts.  BUT, we're also going to have vendors putting out RSF products to sell for a donation to a great charity, Operation Uplink.  100% of donations from RSF vendors will be donated to Operation Uplink!

So, what is Operation Uplink?  Operation Uplink is a charitable organization started by the Veterans of Foreign War in RL.  They seek sponsors and donations to allow cheap and free calls for deployed and wounded military personel around the globe.   Through Operation Uplink, they are able to provide cheap phone calls for troops.  They are able to provide theese calls for just 4cents a minute or 60cents for a 15 minute phone call.   They also work with sponsors to provide "free call days" home.    For Red Shirt fridays in SL, we are donating our profits to this organization, because EVERY little bit makes a different.  In Lindens, phone calls can be provided for L$10 for one minute or L$155 for a 15 minute call home.  

Alexohol Fashions is starting this movement, but EVERYONE is welcome to a volunteer to get the word out, by just wearing a red shirt, or as a vendor of RSF products.   If you would like more information on any of theese categories, please contact AlexandraM Guisse by notecard in world.

Alexohol Fashion's Red Shirts this week are now on sale for L$100!

Stop by the mainstore and pick up your tees!

Finally, As someone who has a loved one deployed, I want to thank you all from the bottom of your heart for taking time to read this post, our notices in world, and most especially for any and all contributions you can make to Operation Uplink and for your support of Red Shirt Fridays.

<3 Alex

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