Saturday, February 5, 2011

Newest Releases !

Hey everyone! Here's what's on tap at Alexohol this week!
First up: How about a Flirtini? It made a very popular appearance in TOSL, so now we have 25 different flavors for you all in-store!

Available for $125L/each OR all of them in a bundle for $1250 (almost $2,000L savings!!)

This weekend's TOSL theme is "Spring Ahead! (or not)". We've got an updated Jolly Rancher Jumper in bright spring colors and for only $50L each ! There's a kiosk at the store to sign up for TOSL if you're not already, which will help keep you updated on deals over the grid!

We're in Saturday Night Fevah today and here's a sneek peek at an all new lingerie release that is sure to turn heads ! Slip into this cute and sexy bra and panty set for only $40L today!

And last, but surely not least : Tomorrow available at Chic Boutique are two Alexohol signature classics! The Julep dress will be available in two different styles as shown below for only $50L each!

A little side note : I am Liz Tutti, the new blogger for Alexohol :] ! Feel free to say hi if you see me around the store at all !

Some things to look out for in the store : The Valentine's Diva Hunt and DarkKatz have started and the Bourbon Street Hunt starts on the 8th! We've got great gifts in all of them so be sure to participate!