Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shirley Temple Dress--TOSL Item

This week's theme for TOSL is Time Wrap. The designers got to choose their favorite time period...Alexohol's item this week is a 50s inspired Shirley Temple Dress.The dress is on sale this weekend for 75Ls at Alexohol .

Make sure to check out all the other awesome stores at the TOSL blog . Two new stores are participating this week.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Alexohol VIP Group


Think of it as behind the velvet rope for Alexohol Fashions.

In a VIP room, the champagne is complimentary and you've got the best seats in the house--that is the access to all our Alexoholics out there that want to roll in the VIP.

HERE IS THE COOLEST PART... Today, Nov 7th, the entry fee will still be waived. After that it will be $250L! We know group spaces are precious real estate but get ahead of the curve while you can until linden labs decides to finally up the space to 40 slots!

Membership has it's privileges and this is no different, with your admission into the group you will get exclusive members only gifts each month, members only sales on selected items, and sneak previews on hunts and festivals. Also, members will be randomly selected to win other great prizes and more!

Our first exclusive Top Shelf VIP gift will be sent out this weekend, after the group closes and it's hot. You don't want to miss it.

Make sure to get into the VIP group.
TP to the Main Store and the join board is right inside the door by the bar!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Sweaters, Vip Group and New CF Teams

Happy Tuesday Alexoholics! We've been busy bee's here and here's what's new!

First up: Fallen Leaves Sweaters in 14 colors!

This was a very popular Taste of Second Life item we had out a few weeks ago and we've put a full set of them out now! 14 wonderful fall flavors, $100L each or a binge pack for $1000

Are you in the VIP yet?

This week membership is free! We're shutting it off Saturday at 12A and sending out the first exclusive Top Shelf VIP gift this weekend and it's hot! Get in before there is a cover charge!!!! The Join board is right inside the door by the bar!

What else is coming? Our second mall crawl sim hunt and sale! The fall edition will be here from Nov 14-30th and we're working on including as many of our great stores as possible! Stay Tuned!

We also got a jump start on this weeks additions to the College Football Lineup! Arkansas, South Carolina, Nebraska and Missouri have all been added.


We've got all your Razorbacks and Gamecocks gear you'll need for this weekends big game. We've also added a jersey dress to West Virgina.

We have also redesigned the Alabama Jersey and repackaged all the stuff for Oklahoma and Alabama!

All of the new teams that were added have all of your favorite items....Tees, Tanks, Shorts, Caps, Tattoos, Hoodies and Jerseys. Makes sure to stop by the store to see the complete lineup.


South Carolina:



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Newness from Last Week

Here is what you can find new at to the CF line-up Texas A&M and Auburn. The LSU line was also updated and a few items were added to it. Last but not least--there is a selection of Halloween costumes in the Freshly Tapped room so make sure you check them out.

Texas A&M Aggies

Auburn Tigers

Halloween Costumes

Monday, October 25, 2010

Drink of the Week

Happy Monday Alexoholics

Starting today and running til Friday, the drink of the week is our Bahama Mama Dress in Blue/Orange for 60L. Swing by the Alexohol main store to pick yours up.

Make sure to check out all the newness @ the store...the blog will be updated later today with all the pictures.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Drink of the Week Special

Happy Monday Alexoholics

Starting today and running til Friday, the drink of the week is our Romp in the Park in Red for 75L. Swing by the Alexohol Mainstore to pick yours up.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

TOSL and New Release

Happy Weekend Alexoholics!

This week's Taste of Second Life is "Let Yourself Go!" It's a free week for our designers to do whatever they'd like! For a complete list of the items, check out the TOSL blog.

New this weekend is Wisconsin to the lineup.

This weekend we're featuring Wisconsin and Ohio State as they meet Saturday Night in Madison and selected items from both teams will be on Sale!

Also added to the lineup is West Virgina Mountaineers.

We are also working on repackaging all the exiting lines. This week Florida was repackaged and we even snuck in some in a few new items.

We've done some themed outfits over time, mostly for our Taste of Second Life events and hey, it's October and what better time to expand our line of costumes... So to the Biker Babe, Nurse, Naughty Schoolgirl, Gym Beam and coke , SportsCap, our pin up girls and Bavarian Alps girl, we've added some devils, angels and robin hood(ette). More to come and let's hear those suggestions!

Here are some of the new costumes:

Be sure to stop by the Hangover , our outlet store behind our main store.. It's full of items we're retiring forever and it's all $25L or $100L for the binge packs! Sale ending soon so hurry!