Friday, September 25, 2009

What's NEW @ Alexohol 24 September 09

♥✿♥Alexohol Fashions♥✿♥

24 Sept 09

It's the big, uber big alexohol fashions update!!!! So much as been going on since our last update and here is the latest and greatest things going on! Sorry for the time between updates but RL has been keeping me away!

More College Football Added!

We've added USC, VT, Miami to the lineup and will be adding Nebraska, LSU, Georiga, Cal, (yes Boo, for you) Oklahoma and ASU soon. We've already have Mens and Womens gear for OSU, PSU, Alabama, Texas & Florida! If we've not done your team yet we're not mindreaders! Drop us a note and we'll add it to the list of teams we feature each week!

We're going to go ahead and tell you already that there is going to be a HEATWAVE in Jan! We don't care what the weather will be where you are, we're going to heat things up coming in Jan!

That's right, as if we've not created enough to do in SL we, along with Serendipity Designs, and A.P. Inc Proudly Present--The Heat Wave Hunt! Details so far are in the notecard! Follow the blog @ to see who is already in the lineup!

Alexohol Fashions is very proud to be part of the 2009 Veterans Tribute Promotion, VFW Operation Uplink™ was launched in 1996 to connect active-duty troops and hospitalized veterans with their loved ones. The program uses contributions from supporters to purchase phone time for the men and women who are serving -- or have served -- this great nation, as well as hospitalized veterans. Our kiosk is located to the right of our front door at our mainstore

Two new locations to get your fix!
One At the Ohio State Buckeyes Clubhouse and One at A.P. Inc!  Check it out in world

Preview of what's to come? Sure. I've got a few things!

A little bit of Neko's coming your way!

Shown in purple? But we've got a whole rainbow of colors coming! They'll be sold individually or in fatpacks! Just as soon as we're done arguing, erm, discussing the details! :)

Hunts continue! We're in 23 between now and January! (and if i go offline again for a week it'll probably be 40) Stop by our mainstore location to see the big board of hunts, starting location and information!

Lots of love to you all! A special gift is coming soon to our 500th subscriber! YEAH I said 500th! I won't tell you what we're at now but I'll tell you we're 'near' :) We love referrals so tell your friends! Thank you all so much!


Alex, Kylie, Ema and our wonderful photographers who've submited pics that are on the walls!

♥✿♥Alexohol Fashions♥✿♥

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Heat Wave Hunt!

Alexohol Fashions, along with our friends at Serendipity Design and A.P. INC are excited to announce what we hope will be the *next* big hunt in Second Life!

We've partnered up to bring you The Heat Wave Hunt! Starting January 15th, we'll be bringing you a hunt with gifts so **Fantastic** and shop's so *Smoking* that you wont feel the bite of winter's cold anymore!

The snow men will be melting away and bringing you some sexy hot weather wear!

We can't wait to give you some more info about the hunt, we've got a LOT of tricks up our sleeve!

Here's the Hunt Blog:

Or join our Group, "The Heat Wave Hunt" in world for updates!

Also, if you're a vendor, we are most definitely taking applicaitons! One can be found by touching one of the signs at the Alexohol mainstore, or by going to the blog!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quick Update!

Hey Everyone :)

Just wanted to let you know of a few things really quick before we hav a long (LONG!) post by Kylie!

College football is out and with a FABULOUS reception (especially by my Buckeyes fans!) Thank you to everyone who came out to check out our new section...and to everyone who voted! This week we're releasing Georgia, Virginia Tech, and Nebraska, and our Game of the week is Virginia Tech vs. Nebraska!

We'll have preview pics for you soon!

We've got some FABULOUS new hunts coming up, AND!!!! We are so proud to announce a very special hunt in the works (A separate post is coming up about that!

We're also quickly approaching our 500th Subsriber to our Subscribe o Matic. We'll have something **Super Special** for that, so be sure to subscribe so you hear about it!!!

Last but not least, unfortunately our location in Cubes mall has closed, but we've got some new fantastic locations in the works. We've added a small booth at the Ohio State Clubhouse and at Punkass Clothing! We're taking over the Grid!! ;)

(another post with Pics coming soon!)

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Like Alex alluded to in her post about coming back online. CFB IS HERE and we're happy to announce our initial line of Tanks, Tees, Jerseys, Jeans, Hoodies and more all very nicely priced from 50L to 200L and don't forget, we'll customize it for you, put your name, your girlfriends name on it, whatever you'd like very reasonably!


Our initial 5 team release features Ohio State, Penn State, Alabama, Florida & Texas! OSU and PSU for obvious reasons and 'Bama, Florida & Texas by who voted the most for them at our mainstore! Does that mean we're done for the season? HELLS NO, this week we're adding USC to the lineup in time for their showdown with Ohio State this week as well as Georgia, Va Tech & one other team yet to be determined! Help us determine who by coming by our main store and dropping a note in our naughty box to tell us WHO you're fanatical about!


We're going to be working on getting out as much of the top 25 as quickly as possible but that doesn't mean we're ONLY doing the top teams! We might even include Michigan at some point! (But I wouldn't like, hold my breath!) Look for LSU, Oklahoma, BYU, UNC and some others soon!

Alabama Men's Hoodie

Texas Men's Jersey (Our Men's Jerseys are long, and our Women's are short)

Monday, September 7, 2009


YAY! Props to the Best Buy people who saved me from another five days of SL-withdrawl.

Since I got my computer last night, I've been working Non-Stop to get college football ready! And, I'm proud to announce College football is here! (See the next post!)

Things are now back to normal, and aside from losing a few things, everything is as it should be. I'll be updating photo contest winners, hunts, and other stuff in the next couple of days!

Friday, September 4, 2009

It pains me to write this post..

BUT, my computer has officially protested to my mad designing of all the lines at Alexohol. College football was designed, shot, almost boxed, and we even had some amazing sneak peek pics for you. I also have some exciting new stuff coming up, including the first in our flirty line of dresses, and some new mens stuff, including jeans :D. BUT as I said, my computer has rolled over and died :(. Right now I'm able to get on a computer older than I am and acccess the internet. *but sl wont work!!!*. So what does this mean?

1. College football will *sadly* be postponed. If I'm lucky lucky lucky and it's what the repair store thinks it is, and they have the parts in store, it may only be 3-5 days until I'm back. If this is the case, we will release the first five, and a few other teams next week in time for THE big game!

2. Our hunts will *hopefully* not be affected. The Lovebirds couples hunt, GLBT hunt, and Summer Fun hunts are still going strong, accompanied by The Addiction Hunt and Freaky Fall ones that started September first. ***DO NOT MISS OUR ADDICTION HUNT GIFT LADIES!!*** It's just a sneek peak at what is to come at Alexohol! Starting the 5th, we're participating in the Princess Hunt, but *dont worry* we will have a gift out for that. I had a spectacular new piece in the works, but as it's on my *dead* computer, we'll be supplying a gift and putting out a fab new one later :). The Game Day Hunt will be starting the 7th, and while the outfit is done, it's stuck in my inventory. Kylie will be kindly rescuing it and have it out for you! Do not worry guys!!!

3. I will be unavailable in world via notecard. You can IM me, as they go to my email, but I'm unsure as to when it'll get capped or not. A safer bet is to email me, and it'll go straight to my phone.

If I'm not lucky, it could be up to 5 weeks before my computer is back, so Alexohol will have to take a stand still. I'll be doing my best in the meantime. Love you all!!!!

<3 Alex