Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alexohol Newness for TOSL Week 97!

Hey Alexoholics!  We're slowly adding old stuff to the store AND Marketplace, so feel free to stop by to see what's out!  For today, we've got a quick update for this week's Taste of SL!

We gave you a preview of the Overflow dress for This month's Black Market (It's in Lemon Chiffon there!), but for this week's Taste of SL theme, 'May Flowers', we've got 8 MORE cute, flowery patterns in the dress!  Stop by the store to grab the items at their discounted price, 75L each or 400L for the 8 dress binge pack!  
Here's the Rest of this week's list!

While you're there don't forget the Headspinner Mesh Pinstripe shorts!  They're ONLY available through May 28 for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping!  Grab em while they last!  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alexohol New Releases! May 15!

Hey Alexoholics!  I hope you all enjoyed a small sneak peak of what's coming SOON at Alexohol!  Cause guess what?  There's more!  In addition to our weekend releases which are *still up at the discount prices!*, we've got MORE 'what's coming' to show you!   We're working hard to get the store set up and ready for a HUGE release &  PARTY, but you'll get more details on both as we come closer to that!  The store is slowly coming together (In fact if you visit us in the next few days you'll likely see bits and pieces of put together (or not so put together!) store.  Please excuse our mess!!  But for now, here's what we have on tap for you for this week:

Keep Calm & Keep Shopping!
 Keep Calm & Keep Shopping lasts from May 14-28...and for Two weeks only you can get exclusive, never before or again released items from some great designers!  Here's what we have for you:
The Headspinner Mesh Shorts are sort of a preview of what's coming, but they wont EVER again be available in the pinstripe version!  If you like these guys, you better get them now!  These five colors in the pin stripe pattern are EXCLUSIVE and ONLY available for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping through May 28!  You can buy them individually or as a binge pack!  Get them *now* at Alexohol  before they're gone for good!   
Want more Keep Calm & Keep Shopping? Check out the Rest of the Items Here!

Taste of SL & Alexohol aren't the only thing that's been on a short break!  The Black Market is back at it starting today as well!  For those of you who don't know, The Black Market is a collection of designers who each release a new & exclusive item set at 100L for the length of the month, as well as 4 discounted items at 40L a piece!  Here's the NEW LM to The Black Market!

We're releasing **another** preview of part of our new releases, The Overflow Mesh Dress!  AND for those of you Bloggers doing Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, it's in Lemon Chiffon (this week's color!)  As always with mesh, Please Try the demos!!
We also brought back an old favorite that hasn't been sold at Alexohol for a while!  The Animal Juice corsets were a favorite when they were sold a while back, and we've had many requests.  SO!  We're bringing them out for this round of The Black Market!  There's four packs each with multiple tops to interchange!  

That's it for now, have a great week!  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The NEW Alexohol is coming soon! And we've got a sneak peak for you!

Hey Alexoholics!  Did ya miss us!?  I hope so! Cause we missed you!  After having to take a bit of time to deal with some RL stuff, I'm finally back and making LOTS of newness for Alexohol!  We've got new land, back on the Beach at our NEW Home on the Jamaica Sim!  There's still LOTS to go up, lots to make, and a little bit before we're back fully opened, but we've got a little bit of a preview coming up in the next few days!  First up is our 'Preview' for this week's Taste of SL!  Week 96 is 'Freestyle' and we thought we'd let you see a little bit of what's coming early!  There's two different styles of mesh skirts in 2 patterns each!

The Solar Flare Mesh Mini Skirt:
This Mesh Mini Skirt comes in 2 sizes with an alpha, and will eventually have 8 colors in plain & 8 colors in plaid!

The Sweet Bliss Mesh Mini Skirt:
This Mesh Mini Skirt comes in 7 sizes with an alpha, and will be coming out in some CUTE springy textures!  This week you get an exclusive beach texture & a plain texture in Deep Pink for you bloggers doing the 52 weeks of Color Challenge!

Each skirt is 75L, or you can get all four for just 175L!

Here's the LM where you can find the NEW goodness from Alexohol!

Also new from The Lemondrop Shoppe is this cute open Mesh Skirt!  It's available in all five houses for 50L each (Just buy each color on the pic!) or all five for 150L!