Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alexohol Fashions is here!!!!!

So, this blog started out as a fashion blog and sort of diary. But after recent changes in my SL and RLs, its become something more. It has become the blog face of Alexohol Fashions! Recently, I've taken to designing clothes, and making all the shirts I always wished i had in SL but could never find a quality version of. My boyfriend is currently deployed in Afghanistan with the United States Marine Corps, and I have looked up and down, left and right on SL to find any kind of shirt that I can wear. Yes, they have the manly ts, but nothing for us girlies. All I wanted was a "Marine Corps Girlfriend" or "I love my Marine" tshirt. Is that really so hard? And, I'm a real sports girl. I LOVE to scream, yell, cheer, and support my teams, RL AND SL. And I LOVE the jerseys and cheer outfits I've been able to find...but can a girl get a cut college footall tank top of bootie shorts once in a while? Lastly, a close friend has recently married & I was looking for a cute "bachelorette" tee for her party. Sure, we found one or two, but nothing that could be registered as CUTE. So, once again, I recently came onto designing clothes. And Alexohol Fashion's has risen from my frustration. Not only do we have a great line of cute, grafic Tshirts, Tank Tops, Bikinis and Bootie shorts, but we also have all of these with Military, Bachelorette, and Athletic teams. We're planning to expand, and this blog will post previews of items, but come check us out now! We've got a great mainstore in the up and coming Sexy South Beach themed sim, and our store is ready for some loving!

Join us at our Mainstore location in the South beach, Art Deco themed sim, and come get addicted to Alexohol!