Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone

Hey everyone!

OMG it's Kylie with a very Happy Halloween update about what's goin' on @ Alexohol and what's gonna be goin' on here in the next few weeks!

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Alexohol, well Alex, organized Pretty In Pink- Second Life Vendors Banding Together to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness. Pretty In Pink Blog To the 60 vendors that participated, and to all vendors SL wide that I saw donation kiosks or other Making Strides for sale items we give you all a huge heartfelt *MUAH* from Alex, Ema, Erica & I. I'm still waiting on the official tally of what we were able to raise at Alexohol and some of the events we sponsored or participated in over the month and will announce it in a later post! Vendors, have a story to share or wanna let us know how much was raised at your shop or event? Let us know by whispering it into our naughty box at Thank you all so much to those who bought our items or just outright donated lindens! Wait? You don't have your save the ta-ta's tank or save second base tee? It's not too late, come by the mainstore and they will still be available, look upstairs!

Some of you may have seen outside our main entrance a donation box to support VFW Operation uplink. VFW Operation Uplink™ was launched in 1996 to connect active-duty troops and hospitalized veterans with their loved ones. The program uses contributions from supporters to purchase phone time for the men and women who are serving -- or have served -- this great nation, as well as hospitalized veterans.

Operation Uplink is able to provide these phone calls at US$ just 4 cents per minute. That's only 60 cents for a 15 minute phone call for an active-duty troop to be able to call home to a loved one. In L$, that would mean just L$10 for one minute or L$155 for a 15 minute call home. So, every donation definately makes a huge difference. Alexohol Fashions supports our troops and supports the VFW Operation Uplink™ to help our active-duty troops be able to make a phone call home to a loved one.

This kiosk has been outside our doors for a little over a month now and we hear from their organizers that we've got amongst the highest donation rate and 'hit' rate of anywhere they have information or donation centers set up and we truly appreciate each and everyone of you who has donated or made inquiry to what they're doing!

November hunts? I'm going to let Ema or Erica update those later. I'm so lost what hunts have started, when they are, whats in them..... yeah. That's probably best for everyone involved.

Heatwave is... well, heating up! Tomorrow is the first day that we'll be accepting the gifts. Look for a preview board at the mainstore soon as we get previews ready, etc. Check the blog THE HEATWAVE HUNT for previews and a list of participating shops anddddd, do you know a store that should be in? Help us get the word out! The application is there as well.

New dresses coming out soon! Did you like the addiction dress? You'll love afflicted then and soon after Rehabed and a line of mini dresses that also look great with just the top as a tank top! For the pretty kitties out there, we will have some neko exclusive clothing coming soon and stay tuned for details regarding an Alexohol ONLY hunt that will take place sometime in the month of November as we will be celebrating opening our 20th location!

New joints to get your fix!

Alexohol @ Glitterati

Alexohol @ Studio Nails

Alexohol @ Nocturnal Cravings

Alexohol @ Serendipity Mall

Is there more? HELLS YUSSSSSSSSSS! But, that's for later! :) hugs, love and cocktails!


Alex, Ema, Erica & Me

Thursday, October 29, 2009



25+ items have been randomly reduced and are on sale up to 50% off!
Come find the deals!!!!

The new tees are out and so are the rocker jeans. If we aren't working hard, then we are having is just some of those moments "captured."

So the inside buzz around Alexohol is we might be releasing more dresses....but shhhhh it is sort of a secret still. Afflicted and Rehabed dresses will be released in all sorts of new colors! Keep watching for more info and where you can find these awesome dresses.

I need my Alexohol fix so I am off...see you at the store.


Alex, Kylie, Ema and Erica

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We're excited to announce that our little family at Alexohol has grown and we've got a new bundle of joy!!!

Our bundle of joy comes in the form of Erica Harcourt who has graciously agreed to become our assistant Manager! She will be helping us out with various duties, stop by and say hello!


Glad you asked...let me tell you there is a lot new.

FUNKY & FUN Tees! Available individually and in fat packs @ our mainstore location as well as a couple of our other shops.

Anyhow, they are available solo for L$100 ea or fat packs ranging from L$350 to L$475 depending on how many shirts are included. Basically, buying the fat pack gets you a shirt and a half free!!!! How awesome is that???

The "I love you this much" tank series is available in 5 different colors --
Pink, Blue, Black, White and Tan.

Heart & Bones Tee comes in Teal, Purple, White and Black.

The Beatles tees are available in red, green, pink and teal.

The Peace, Love & Party shirts are available in the six colors shown below...

Lots of fun, they go great with our jeans *naturally* anddddddd... they're super cute! Come by and pick up some!

Jeans.. oh right, can't forget our sexy Alexohol jeans. They can be yours for L$125/ea.. 3 pack for L$300. They come in Light, Dark and Medium wash.

Make sure to stay tuned....Thirsty Thursday returns this week again.. stop by Thursday @ our mainstore to find 25+ items reduced and on sale up to 50% off! Only way to know what is on sale is drop in!!!!

Don't forget that if you ever see anything in the store and you want it in a different color or maybe want something personalized, Alexohol will do customizations. Just send a note card to Alex or Kylie with what you are looking for and they will set up a consultation.

Whew...that was a lot of updating. I know I need to relax and have fun. What bout you? Well, here is your chance to have fun, hang out with the four of us and have a chance to win a giftcard for Alexohol....

We are back at BANG Rock and at Depraved this Thursday.
12-6 @ bang and 3-5P @ Depraved.

250L Alexohol gift cards up for grabs :)

Okay, until next time stay thirsty my friends!!!!! See you soon!!!


Alex, Kylie, Ema and Erica

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exciting New Release and it's Thirsty Thursday

The Addiction Dresses are FINALLY here! You've asked, we've listened and the very popular hunt gift from a few months ago is now available in multiple colors! This 5 in 1 dress is now available for L$300. Here is Grey, Aqua and Red.....

Blue, Pink, Purple and Green are also available in the main store! More colors coming soon so stay tuned.

Thirsty? Well we have a solution for you....

Thirsty Thursday @ Alexohol!

Select items in our mainstore are marked down today up to 50% off or more! Look for the little Alexohol logo attached to the display! GUYS! Look in the mens section for $25L boardies! 9 great styles we want to offer at this great price before our new line comes out!

One last thing....have you ever seen something a friend has on and you asked them about it and they said.. "Oh, that was from a hunt and that hunt is over." So naturally you pout about it because you missed out on that hunt? Fear not! We've got just about every hunt gift we've done on the shelves upstairs available for just L$50/ea!

Make sure to slap the subscribo to stay up to date and keep checking back here....good things are coming and you don't wanna miss out.

Stay thirsty and see you at Alexohol!!!


Alex, Kylie and Ema

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Sooners Gear

The latest addition to the CFB line is now out.....The Oklahoma Sooners. Come down to the mainstore to get the complete men's and women's Sooners line....jerseys, t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, naughty tops, bootie shorts, cutoffs, jeans, and boardies.

Here is just a sample of what you can find:

Men's and Women's Sooners Jersey

Pink Tied Sooners Jersey

Sooners women's tank shown (sold separately)

Sooners Naughty Shirt Shown (sold separately)

Men's Sooners Tank

Sooners Men's Hoodie

Sooners Men's Boardies

Don't forget if you wanna see your team done, the only way we know what you want is to drop us a notecard and we can add it to the list of teams we will feature. See you at Alexohol!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2010 Alexohol Calendar Contest


2010 is fast approaching and we're in the beginning stages of doing a calendar for 2010 and we would like to pick a few of YOU, our fantastic Alexoholics, in there with the girls of Alexohol!!!!! The plans are to sell the calendar for something like 100L and divide the lindens between a couple of charities.

So, here's what you need to do:

Deadline is NOV 20th! Nothing will be accepted after this date!

1. Get a pic of YOU in Alexohol clothing. It can be anything: jerseys, bikinis, tanks, tops, dresses or whatever your favorite outfit is! Yes, we know we do not do hair, jewelry, shoes or other accessories like that.. but the tops and bottoms MUST be alexohol... if it's not, we're tossing it out, no exceptions. And sorry, we're mature/adult here.. no kiddies! Oh and do us a favor...make it a frontal shot :) Thanks!

The pic doesn't need to be over the top with a background, etc.. really what we'll be looking for are the clothes with your skin, eyes, shape and hair. Also, unless the pic calls for it you must be willing to remove tats, piercings, collars, tails, or ears (what a strange world this is).

2. Send that pic inserted into a notecard (either copy and paste this info or contact Ema Jayaram for the notecard app) with the following info filled out:


3. Make sure to name the notecard: Alexohol Calendar- (YOUR NAME)

4. Save that notecard and tp your fine self to our mainstore to drop that notecard into the suggestion box at the top of the stairs under the pic that we've got set up. Can't miss it!


We're also looking for photographers to help with the shoot of the calendar. Use the calendar notecard to put your info in and send it along with some of your portfolio and we'll be in touch!

Okay, that's about it! Get those cameras clicking and pics submitted!

Pretty in Pink Events all week! Tuesday to Tuesday

Hosted by Stampede Canyon Country! Looks like every day from 4-9SL they'll have a mix of DJ's and Live Music over the next week! Each 2hr event starts with 300$L contest money and can go up from there! They've asked us to put up our pretty in pink vendor board with our making strides clothing up and it's there! Right by the giant pink heel! They feature country music and oldies in a pretty little ranch setting! Get on yer pink, yer boots and hat and mosey on over! Contact Suzetta Moonites with any questions about the events!


Pretty in Pink- SL Charity

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Super Alexohol Update

Hey's Ema with your Alexohol Update. We promise not to let three weeks pass again. Just sit back because there are a lot of updates.

It's not your eyes, yes Alexohol has grown! Our main store ran out of room and we've doubled the size of the building! There are additional mens items out now that we've got room for them all as well as an entire space devoted to past hunt gifts that we're selling OMG cheap! Midnight Mania boards will be updated later this week with new prizes if we hit 100 slaps! Come down and tell your friends!

Some new additions to college football line. We'll add more teams to these styles in the coming weeks so stay tuned for those!

For the guys, you asked and here they are, the new line of Men Jeans to go with all the awesome tanks and tees we have, all priced @125L. Here is just a sample of the new line so if you want to see all the awesome designs, come to the store and see them all.

New in our casuals section...Cammo Bandanna Tops in seven different colors. You can buy them individually for 75L --or --- THE FAT PACK IS ON SALE FOR 375L TIL MONDAY, OCT 19TH...

Oh yes...I almost forget about the hunts going on this month. Come by the main store for note cards and starting points on the big board! Here is a list of the current hunts that have already started and what you are looking for:

Pumpkin Paw Prints: Pumpkin with a black paw on it
Halloween Hunt Resurrected: A black bat
Witches Brew Hunt: A black cauldron
Pretty Witches Hunt: A pink witches Hat
Vampire Hunt: A red coffin

There are also 4 hunts that just started today:

Make Him Over.. Looking for the Male Symbol
Jack O Turkey- Pumpkin with a Top Hat
NO- Look for the box of NO
Starving Artist- It's a lollipop that is hidden.

I really think that might be everything, but I'm sure I am forgetting something. Take care and come see us down at Alexohol.