Dream Team♥

AlexandraM Guisse: Owner/Designer. A Nursing student at THE Ohio State University, the Marine sweetheart of Matt, an avid fan of her Buckeyes and a borderline psychotic about the Detroit Red Wings. When she's not designing clothes or cleaning up a "OMG!!!WTF?!?!!? did Kylie do now mess,"  Alex designs all the clothing, does all the shop setups, hunt gifts, store and mall modifications, blogs occasionally and shops frequently

Kylie Krell: Co-owner and "the voice" of Alexohol. She handles most conversations on business matters like rental agreements, club/vendor negotiations, customer service issues, custom orders, gives yay or nay advice on new products, looks for new growth opportunities, sends out most subscribeo notices and no matter what Alex says she does blog from time to time. She's a senior at UNC but her heart bleeds Penn State blue and white, she's married RL to CJ Maldor and works part time from home as a Real Estate agent.