Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas.....

From Alexohol Fashions.....

From all of us @ Alexohol, we wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season! It has been an incredible six months since we opened and none of it would be possible without all of you! We very much appreciate all the love and support our members have shown us since the very beginning!

NOW THRU CHRISTMAS! ALL GIFT CARDS AT OUR MAINSTORE ARE 40% OFF! That's right take 40% off everything you buy! BUT, you MUST BUY IT VIA THE GIFT CARD SYSTEM TO GET THE DISCOUNT! Sorry, it's just the easiest way to have a major sale and not have to spend hours changing scripts! Please IM one of the staff on the board if you have any questions on how to use them!

To all our sexy guys that love shopping at Alexohol.....We didn't forget about you in the latest release of Alexohol Argyle sweaters! It just took us an extra day or two to get them ready! We've got a collection of mens comfy and snuggly argyle sweaters for you, come grab a cold beer in our freshly tapped area of our main store and pick out some sweaters to keep you warm and looking hawt when the weather outside is frightful! Here is just a little sample of what they look like...there is also a brown and blue version that isn't shown.

The mall is nearly full! YAY a big thank you first of all to our vendors! All of you Alexoholics be sure to browse their selections! We've been handpicking top designers in SL that help you complete your Alexohol style!

There has to be more....let me think, let me think...

Oh yes, our Alexohol Bartenders. We have mentioned them before but I would like to introduce and welcome Eshana, Jayden and Janelle to the Alexohol Family. They will be around at the mainstore and can help with any questions that you might have on where something is located.

Merry Christmas from your HO! HO! HOS @ Alexohol!

Until next time....Stay thirsty my friends!!



Oh and Alex, Kylie, Janelle, Jayden, and Esh too :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby its cold outside....

Well, you might have heard we've moved :) Hee hee.. come see us in our roomy new place in Fairytale and take a peek in our Freshly Tapped room. Why you ask? Because our new Argyle sweaters are available in a multitude of colors!! Snuggly and warm for winter @ only L$100 each!

The sweater comes in Purple, Green, Navy and Brown shown in these pics but also in Pink, Gray, Light Blue, and Red that can be seen at the store.


Today thru Friday buy a L$1000 or a L$2000 gift card get 20% off!!!

No expiration date on them so it's like always having Alexohol on sale!!! The gift cards are on top of the bar and super easy to use! They are transferable so they make great gifts when you're not sure what your love or friend!!!! L$1,000 Alexohol gift card for L$800 and the L$2,000 Alexohol Gift card is $1,600! Now thru Friday!!!!

Until next time! Stay Thirsty My Friends!!!!


Alexohol Fashions

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Movin' on Up...




BUT? BUT? Didn't we JUST finish a MAJOR renovation?

YES WE HAD! Our reward for our hard work getting things ready, opening a small area and filling it with some awesome designers to fill out your Alexohol style was our landowner allowing a large gaming, camping, lucky chair and freebieville in our back freaking yard and then saying that wasn't causing us to lag so badly we couldn't see, move, type or anything. We didn't panic tho! We went out and bought MORE LAND and we're NOW OPEN at our new, LAG free area in Fairytale

We put on our dresses and heels and got to work packing up to move.....Only this time, Ema stayed away. She peeked in one night to witness Kylie and Alex with hammers working hard--I know scary right.

That's right! We've got a beautiful new 1/2 sim and that's allowed us to add even more mall space for you to complete your look! We've added 8 more stores and they're filling up fast! Please IM AlexandraM Guisse or Kylie Krell if you are interested in one of the remaining spots.

TIS' the season to shop for your friends and loved ones in SL and, having tried to buy things for friends and not knowing whats hiding in their inventory--gift cards make great ideas and we've now added gift cards in 250L, 500L, 750L , 1000L and 2000L amounts! Look for them on the bar in a variety of Martini glasses!

By the way, looking for something in the store? Ask one of the Alexohol Bartenders! Janelle, Eshana & Jayden are there to help you! If it's a hunt gift? Please be sure to check the blog first, that's where all the hints are and if you can't find it...ask one of us, we might be able to help out.

Well that's it for now! Sorry we haven't released anything new in a few weeks but Alex is already back at it and look for some hot new designs soon. (If you look close, you can see Kylie just standing around being bossy and pretty. LOL)

A huge thank you to our wonderful vendors at Alexhol who moved so quickly for us after we'd just got them into our old location! Dangerous Creations, Lacie Cakes, Ali Couture, Divalicious, B&G, IREN, Phoebe and Studio Nails --THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!! Please be sure to browse their stores, they've got some wonderful accessories to complete your look!

Well after all that work, it's time to have some fun. See you at our new store.

Until next time! Stay thirsty my friends!


Alexohol Fashions

Alex, Kylie, Ema

Jayden, Eshana, Janelle

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sooo I don't think you will believe me but there is some BIG, HUGE, EXTREME news, but you will have to wait til the weekend(or maybe at least til we are all set up)........

We are expanding again and have grown into 1/2 sim!

We'll be making some major changes to our mainstore coming over the next few weeks and that includes a mall with 16 shops for rent! We are looking to fill at least 8 of the stores right now. The stores are at a invite only basis and will need to be approved by Alex and Kylie right now.

Stores come in:

10x20m 50 prim shop $250/wk- Minimum of 2 weeks, max of 6 weeks.

20x24m 100 prim shop $400/wk- Minimum of 2 weeks, max of 6 weeks.

If anyone is interested, contact Kylie Krell for more info and the store application.