Saturday, June 11, 2011

Taste of SL Week 50-Animal Juice Corsets!

Hey guys!
Here's a quick update of a preview of a broader release to come!  We've released our Animal Juice Corsets with a preview pack for Taste of SL this weekend!  These corsets come in several animal prints, and you can wear them with or without the corset!  There's two preview packs for you to choose from, each 75L this weekend only!

And here's the rest of the Taste of SL List!

And a limo to Alexohol!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taste of SL Week 49-Freestylin with the New Rebel Rouser Jackets!

Hey everyone!

This week's Taste of SL Theme is 'freestylin', and we've released a new Jacket, the "Rebel Rouser" jacket in two colors for the sale!  (More colors are coming soon, but this is a chance to get it cheap!)   Each jacket is only 50L!  Perms are copy/no layer is no mod, but the prims are mod

Check it out!

Grab them while they're still on sale at Alexohol!

The rest of the Taste of SL List is available here: