Friday, May 8, 2009


Hey guys, I'm Alex. I'm a shop-oholic, Sl-oholic, and so many other thing-oholics too. I'm not really sure what possessed me to start this blog....mostly because I like to wear pretty things and buy things, and I'm trying to take pretty pictures. So why not do all three? I'm not a fashion expert, I'm not a fashion guru subscribed to every fashionista group there is in SL. I'm just Alex from Ohio....I like to shop on SL, I'm a dancer at Heaven n Hell (Come Visit), & I like to just be with my friends. I really like going to new places in SL, so feel free to send me links to check them out...stores, places, whatever. This will mostly be a fasion blog, but hey, I'll add whatever I want in to spice things up. We'll see I guess. But we'll see...a little bit of here, a little bit of there, and a whole lot of whatever. I'm going to do my best to keep you updated with every little detail about what I'm wearing in pictures, but please forgive me if I mess up or dont have the links! (and if you're a designer and want to throw in free schwag, who am I to say no?? ;)). Ok so, that's about it. Other than that, enjoy the drink!