Thursday, October 15, 2009

Super Alexohol Update

Hey's Ema with your Alexohol Update. We promise not to let three weeks pass again. Just sit back because there are a lot of updates.

It's not your eyes, yes Alexohol has grown! Our main store ran out of room and we've doubled the size of the building! There are additional mens items out now that we've got room for them all as well as an entire space devoted to past hunt gifts that we're selling OMG cheap! Midnight Mania boards will be updated later this week with new prizes if we hit 100 slaps! Come down and tell your friends!

Some new additions to college football line. We'll add more teams to these styles in the coming weeks so stay tuned for those!

For the guys, you asked and here they are, the new line of Men Jeans to go with all the awesome tanks and tees we have, all priced @125L. Here is just a sample of the new line so if you want to see all the awesome designs, come to the store and see them all.

New in our casuals section...Cammo Bandanna Tops in seven different colors. You can buy them individually for 75L --or --- THE FAT PACK IS ON SALE FOR 375L TIL MONDAY, OCT 19TH...

Oh yes...I almost forget about the hunts going on this month. Come by the main store for note cards and starting points on the big board! Here is a list of the current hunts that have already started and what you are looking for:

Pumpkin Paw Prints: Pumpkin with a black paw on it
Halloween Hunt Resurrected: A black bat
Witches Brew Hunt: A black cauldron
Pretty Witches Hunt: A pink witches Hat
Vampire Hunt: A red coffin

There are also 4 hunts that just started today:

Make Him Over.. Looking for the Male Symbol
Jack O Turkey- Pumpkin with a Top Hat
NO- Look for the box of NO
Starving Artist- It's a lollipop that is hidden.

I really think that might be everything, but I'm sure I am forgetting something. Take care and come see us down at Alexohol.

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love those jeans!