Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We're excited to announce that our little family at Alexohol has grown and we've got a new bundle of joy!!!

Our bundle of joy comes in the form of Erica Harcourt who has graciously agreed to become our assistant Manager! She will be helping us out with various duties, stop by and say hello!


Glad you asked...let me tell you there is a lot new.

FUNKY & FUN Tees! Available individually and in fat packs @ our mainstore location as well as a couple of our other shops.

Anyhow, they are available solo for L$100 ea or fat packs ranging from L$350 to L$475 depending on how many shirts are included. Basically, buying the fat pack gets you a shirt and a half free!!!! How awesome is that???

The "I love you this much" tank series is available in 5 different colors --
Pink, Blue, Black, White and Tan.

Heart & Bones Tee comes in Teal, Purple, White and Black.

The Beatles tees are available in red, green, pink and teal.

The Peace, Love & Party shirts are available in the six colors shown below...

Lots of fun, they go great with our jeans *naturally* anddddddd... they're super cute! Come by and pick up some!

Jeans.. oh right, can't forget our sexy Alexohol jeans. They can be yours for L$125/ea.. 3 pack for L$300. They come in Light, Dark and Medium wash.

Make sure to stay tuned....Thirsty Thursday returns this week again.. stop by Thursday @ our mainstore to find 25+ items reduced and on sale up to 50% off! Only way to know what is on sale is drop in!!!!

Don't forget that if you ever see anything in the store and you want it in a different color or maybe want something personalized, Alexohol will do customizations. Just send a note card to Alex or Kylie with what you are looking for and they will set up a consultation.

Whew...that was a lot of updating. I know I need to relax and have fun. What bout you? Well, here is your chance to have fun, hang out with the four of us and have a chance to win a giftcard for Alexohol....

We are back at BANG Rock and at Depraved this Thursday.
12-6 @ bang and 3-5P @ Depraved.

250L Alexohol gift cards up for grabs :)

Okay, until next time stay thirsty my friends!!!!! See you soon!!!


Alex, Kylie, Ema and Erica

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