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What's NEW @ Alexohol 24 September 09

♥✿♥Alexohol Fashions♥✿♥

24 Sept 09

It's the big, uber big alexohol fashions update!!!! So much as been going on since our last update and here is the latest and greatest things going on! Sorry for the time between updates but RL has been keeping me away!

More College Football Added!

We've added USC, VT, Miami to the lineup and will be adding Nebraska, LSU, Georiga, Cal, (yes Boo, for you) Oklahoma and ASU soon. We've already have Mens and Womens gear for OSU, PSU, Alabama, Texas & Florida! If we've not done your team yet we're not mindreaders! Drop us a note and we'll add it to the list of teams we feature each week!

We're going to go ahead and tell you already that there is going to be a HEATWAVE in Jan! We don't care what the weather will be where you are, we're going to heat things up coming in Jan!

That's right, as if we've not created enough to do in SL we, along with Serendipity Designs, and A.P. Inc Proudly Present--The Heat Wave Hunt! Details so far are in the notecard! Follow the blog @ to see who is already in the lineup!

Alexohol Fashions is very proud to be part of the 2009 Veterans Tribute Promotion, VFW Operation Uplink™ was launched in 1996 to connect active-duty troops and hospitalized veterans with their loved ones. The program uses contributions from supporters to purchase phone time for the men and women who are serving -- or have served -- this great nation, as well as hospitalized veterans. Our kiosk is located to the right of our front door at our mainstore

Two new locations to get your fix!
One At the Ohio State Buckeyes Clubhouse and One at A.P. Inc!  Check it out in world

Preview of what's to come? Sure. I've got a few things!

A little bit of Neko's coming your way!

Shown in purple? But we've got a whole rainbow of colors coming! They'll be sold individually or in fatpacks! Just as soon as we're done arguing, erm, discussing the details! :)

Hunts continue! We're in 23 between now and January! (and if i go offline again for a week it'll probably be 40) Stop by our mainstore location to see the big board of hunts, starting location and information!

Lots of love to you all! A special gift is coming soon to our 500th subscriber! YEAH I said 500th! I won't tell you what we're at now but I'll tell you we're 'near' :) We love referrals so tell your friends! Thank you all so much!


Alex, Kylie, Ema and our wonderful photographers who've submited pics that are on the walls!

♥✿♥Alexohol Fashions♥✿♥

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