Friday, September 4, 2009

It pains me to write this post..

BUT, my computer has officially protested to my mad designing of all the lines at Alexohol. College football was designed, shot, almost boxed, and we even had some amazing sneak peek pics for you. I also have some exciting new stuff coming up, including the first in our flirty line of dresses, and some new mens stuff, including jeans :D. BUT as I said, my computer has rolled over and died :(. Right now I'm able to get on a computer older than I am and acccess the internet. *but sl wont work!!!*. So what does this mean?

1. College football will *sadly* be postponed. If I'm lucky lucky lucky and it's what the repair store thinks it is, and they have the parts in store, it may only be 3-5 days until I'm back. If this is the case, we will release the first five, and a few other teams next week in time for THE big game!

2. Our hunts will *hopefully* not be affected. The Lovebirds couples hunt, GLBT hunt, and Summer Fun hunts are still going strong, accompanied by The Addiction Hunt and Freaky Fall ones that started September first. ***DO NOT MISS OUR ADDICTION HUNT GIFT LADIES!!*** It's just a sneek peak at what is to come at Alexohol! Starting the 5th, we're participating in the Princess Hunt, but *dont worry* we will have a gift out for that. I had a spectacular new piece in the works, but as it's on my *dead* computer, we'll be supplying a gift and putting out a fab new one later :). The Game Day Hunt will be starting the 7th, and while the outfit is done, it's stuck in my inventory. Kylie will be kindly rescuing it and have it out for you! Do not worry guys!!!

3. I will be unavailable in world via notecard. You can IM me, as they go to my email, but I'm unsure as to when it'll get capped or not. A safer bet is to email me, and it'll go straight to my phone.

If I'm not lucky, it could be up to 5 weeks before my computer is back, so Alexohol will have to take a stand still. I'll be doing my best in the meantime. Love you all!!!!

<3 Alex


Issalia said...

dang Alex sorry to hear it :( I hope your pc gets up and running really fast!

love issa xx

Alex said...

yeah me too :/ I'm scared haha :( I hate not being on SL :'(