Thursday, August 27, 2009

someone here wrote

That she wasn't going to wait so long between posts because then there is SO much to say she doesn't know where to begin. Well, let's just say I didn't listen to myself....

So just what IS going on @ Alexohol Fashions? I'm glad you asked:

Kissed is here and the reception from you all has been awesome! It's quickly become our number one line of clothing offered and I know after all the hard work that went into creating it, including the expansion of our main store to accommodate it Alex is particularly relieved! Seriously tho' for all the great comments we're very grateful! Look for a second release of some more items soon!

College Football starts next week! Both Alex & I are huge fans of college football... Of rival schools no less and they're going to be battling it out this year for the Big Ten title. We are however, aware that there are actually other schools than Penn State & Ohio State and we'll be releasing outfits from different teams throughout the season! We will however, start with most of the top 10 and some of those voted on by you in our suggestion box! Preview pics coming soon!

Our 7th location is now open at the Striking Poses Mall in Harlow! (hint: stay tuned, they're planning a sim wide hunt there for mid-September)

Speaking of hunts, we're in what feels like a million of them right now! Satisfashion, Poppy Hunt, Black Pearls and Fall Fun hunts are coming to a close and thank you to all the hunters who came by and have sent numerous nice things to say back to us and in our suggestion box! We're also right now in the Couples hunt, Mother/Daughter Grid hunt, Black Keys hunt and GLBT Hunt! Can't find our gifts? We try to hide them in plain sight usually because we know how frustrating it can be to search all over a store for a tiny little object and if you still can't find them? We've got hints listed in the right column. September hunts include Game Day, Freaky Fall, and the Addiction Hunt which will include this ensemble.

We have placed 4 kiosks out in the front of our main store that we're not exactly sure what we're going to do with them just yet. Our thoughts are instead of charging rent, what we'd like is other designers who have items that accessorize and help complete the look. So far, Lacie Cakes and Brie Pinazzo have joined in this partnership program and if you are a designer who thinks your items would look good with ours? Give one of us a shout and let's see what we can work out!

That's it for now. I need to get in world and Alex and I have so much more planned! Thank you all again for the fantastic feedback and for helping us grow Alexhol Fashions so rapidly over the past two months! I'm sure Alex will be posting something shortly to point out all the news that I've missed!

Love, Hugs & Kisses!


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