Monday, August 3, 2009

Hey Look Alex! I finally got this done!

Hey Everyone!

Before Alex can say "I told you so...." I learned a lesson about blogging and that's to not wait so long between posts because now I have so much news I really don't know where to begin...

So let's get to it:

Oh, before I forget, happy belated rez day to Alex :) 7/26... yes my update is THAT late. Sorry :)

Things are really cooking up in the heat of the summer @ Alexohol! Here's a quick update on what's new and news for August!


We're thrilled to be taking part in 4 hunts that all started on August 1st! Stop by our mainstore and click on the signs that are lining the front entrance for starting locations of The Satisfashion Hunt, Fall Fun Hunt, Search for the Black Pearls & the Poppy Hunt! Our gifts are tucked neatly inside the store, not super easy to find but really not all that hard either! I love to hunt and see new places to shop but I hate having to look in every single nook and cranny to find the treasure. All the ogranizers have done a great job getting these exciting grid wide hunts ready to go! AND, we've made both girls AND guys gifts for all the hunt, so bring your guys along too! If you haven't started the hunts yet, here is a sneak peek at some of the cool ladies outfits we've made available!!!

Above left: Women's Search for the Black Pearl gift. Right: Women's Satisfashion gift (there is a 50L charge for the VIP pass necessary for the Satisfashion hunt. BUT...It's completely well worth it!) We also have football-themed outfits for the Fall Fun hunt & something particularly close to Alex for the Poppy Hunt.

Also, Starting August 7th, We have the Summer Fun Hunt. For this hunt, a final, HUGE prize will be awarded to you if you get ALL of the prizes. Stop by our store for more info on it. Here's a preview of the women's gift:

While we're at it! A big mega thank you to all the people who participated and organized the Just for the Guys Hunt and Gone Fishing Hunt in July!

Random hunt tip, brought to you by our manager Ema... Lose all the bling and the prim attachments you can prior to setting out. We all know how laggy it can get when you're bouncing between all the sims and reducing your Avatar Rendering Cost can make a huge difference in getting things to rezz faster for you while you hunt. To see your ARC: Advanced--> Rendering--> Info Displays--> Avatar Rendering Cost-- Select. You'll see a number hover right over your head. I try to get mine under 500 or so to go out and about. You can get it lower still but I'm vain and I'm not taking off my heels or wearing ugly hair.


With a roomy new mainstore what were we to do with all the open space? Fill it with new outfits! Here are some samples of what's been added! Come by to see more!

The Chelsea FC Bikini and Chicago Bears tee are just some examples of the custom work we will do! Have a favorite team you want to support or let everyone know where you're from? Many custom orders can be completed same day if we're available! Also, these and other great sports, military, bridal, and casual tops are now available at the mainstore!

Our first full outfit in the Alexohol Fashions collection! Look soon for a full line of skirts and tops sold as separates as well as in complete outfits!


And we're proud to announce our first two winners! Noelia Douner & Lilith Parkin and their pictures are on the walls of Alexohol! Remember, if you're a photographer and would like some free advertising! come by and pick up an application and the rules for our photography contest!!!

By Lilith Parkin, displaying our Skull Tank:

By Noelia Douner, displaying our I Love My Soldier Tank:

Also, we're very very happy to announce that Noelia Douner of GLAM! Studios has agreed to be the official photographer for Alexohol. She will be doing some of our product pictures for display in the store as well as most of the pics you see here! Stop by her studio and take a look!



Some of you know that I'm proud to be a Princess in the Tiny Empires Kingdom of Heaven! Alex and I have been working with Queen Angeleyes to design and offer an exclusive line of tanks and tees to be sold in the Kingdom to support the Kingdom as well as the charity work that is done with Relay for Life! The first shirts should be available this coming week!

Want custom designed apparel for your SL group? Let us know and we can work out the details!

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING... we appreciate the nod! (If you'e a blogger and highlight our clothes, PLEASE let us know so we can give you a shout out!)

Chic At Phils Place

Much more soon! We've got 2 more hunts starting in the middle of the Month as well!

Love to all!

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