Thursday, July 16, 2009


Like Kylie said earlier, this past month or so has been RIDICULOUS! We've gone through so many mistakes and errors in it, that it's been tough to keep our heads straight sometimes. But nonetheless, we're still here making stupid first timer mistakes! Our friends have been keeping us going through it all. I swear I almost had a heart attack when I got the "we're sorry but the sim is closing" IM. If it hadnt been for Kylie's "Alex, calm down right now" Emails, Id have probably been a sobbing mess. I swear, it may only have been a month, but this shop is so close to my heart.

That being said, I've been crazy busy making ANOTHER new line of clothes! We've expanded our Military gear line substantially, and it's available at BOTH the US Military Vets center and of course, at our Mainstore in Vanilla sky. Kylie and I are both extremely excited for this shop, as we both are very close to and supportive of our Military. My RL bf is in the Marine Corps, and Kylie is a Military Brat (please emphasize BRAT). (ed. Note. Kylie would prefer to be known as a Squid Kid. However, I have informed her that always being *wet* does not qualify!) That being said, I'm proud to roll out a few previews of our New Line!

Our first look is our sexy Air Force Bikini! As with most of the new line, this is available in all of the branches of the military!

Secondly, Here's a first look at our Bootie shorts, shown here in the Army version! (Also available in Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine Corps versions)

Our popular wrapped tops have now gone military! Here's our Coast Guard Version! (Also available in Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps)

And we've re-vamped our "I Love My.." tops! Here's my favorite, I Love My Marine Tank, because, um, I do Love my Marine! (Also available in I love my Soldier, Sailor, Coastie, and Airman!)

And Lastly, our sexy new top style, the "naughty top" gets a Little Navy influence! (also available in Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine versions!)

And a little something Extra ;) Sorry Ladies this is Marine Corps certified ONLY! My special little Marine Corps tribute ;)

Anyways, make sure to stop by our two shops and get yours today! Also remember, all of our Military apparel is available at the US Military Vets center, and will also have half of your purchase price go towards the Vets center!

But that's all for now! Stop by and get addicted to Alexohol!

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