Friday, July 17, 2009

♥ Alexohol Photo Competition!

We've just moved into a big, roomy mainstore, and as you can see, our walls are a little bare!

We're calling this, help us help you!

Are you a photographer and could use some free advertising? Get some shots of your friends wearing Alexohol and we'll hang your picture, with a plaque detailing your information, as well as a landmark & notecard giver. We will also announce each picture that has won via a periodic contest announcement. This announcement will include your lms, notecard, and name.

**Entries will be accepted immediately**

Some basic rules of thumb:

1. We need to see Alexohol clothes, prominently featured in the picture. *Please include a title for the picture*

2. Submit the photo both in world and at (make sure you include your sl name in the email)

3. You don't have to have a photostudio, but must include a notecard, w/ contact info & a description of your photo services. You can include prices and picture examples and a LM if you've got a physical photostudio. All photos should be submitted with the name of the model and the photographer a well as the name of the item(s). Remeber, the more Alexohol clothing displayed, the better.

4. There is no time limit on how long it will be hanging, but if selected, you must inform us of all contact/lm updates.

5. Multiple entries are encouraged! Once our available slots are full however, we'll rotate them at our discretion!

6. We'd like both candid and pose shots, some w/ alpha textures, some with background. all styles will be reviewed, but please stop by the mainstore and look at the decor......we want pictures that will fit into our store

7. We reserve the right to accept or not accept any picture at anytime AND, change the rules as we see fit :)

Questions? Ask AlexandraM Guisse, Kylie Krell or Ema Jayaram.

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