Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The new AMORE Collection


Alexohol Fashions is happy to announce that we've released our first bra and panty sets from the AMORE Collection ! They are ultra cute and available in 10 different colors and patterns! They are sold as separates, (75L for bra, 50L for panty) and in binge packs of bras only (all 10 600L) , pantys only (all 10 400L) and ALL bras/panties in all styles and colors for 875L... I did the math, it's 30% off :)

What do they look like? Check it out!!!

What are people saying about the new line?
[12:01] Bijoux Lefavre: ok the bra and panties behind me are adorable!

Hey speaking of the fantastic Heart & Sole Owner.. Here's a preview of a Dress that we will be releasing TOMORROW, Thursday Feb 4th!

It's the AMORE Valentines Day dress and lingerie set and be sure to get the matching set of heels that will be offered right next to it! :) The dress, all skirt and top combos AND all the lingerie combos will be offered for ONLY 350L!!! It's like 25 pieces of clothing to mix and match for your special someone for Valentines day BUT WAIT there's MORE Bijioux is offering her matching heels for only 200L rather than the normal 300L price!!! Look for the notice tomorrow when it's out in both our mainstore and hers!!!

Until Next time....stay thirsty my friends.



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