Saturday, February 6, 2010

the hangover.. is here... now at alexohol....

Alexohol is hungover

Dim the lights, turn down loud noises... shhhhhhhhhhhh.. Alexohol is hungover... quiet time everyone it's time to nap, drink lots of water and try to remember what it was you did for the last 8 months. All those hunts! All that lag nog! It's also time for us to retire some items to make room for the very full freshly tapped room in our mainstore so we bring to you...

Have you been talking with someone and asked them, "I <3 that! where did you get it?" and you find out they got it on a hunt that was over 2 days ago, 2 months ago.. whenever? OH NOOOOO it's not gone forever! We've got all of our past hunt items out for you for just 50L a peice, and there are some awesome things in there! Jeans! Entire outfits! Addiction dressesI Cute bikinis, tanks, tops, skirts, mens, womens you name it! UNTIL WE GET THE DOOR OPEN THEY ARE MARKED AT 25L ! AFTER THAT THEY WILL BE PUT AT 50L! HURRRRRRY :D

We've also been heavily involved in many different charitable efforts in our time and we've got those items out as well. Yes, the lindens spent on those items still go to those charities and we're very proud to say that between all of the efforts you all have made we've raised well over 40,000 L for breast cancer, operation uplink and more! Now there back out and if you missed it when it was featured in our store? No problem you can still get it and give your support! Sorry, these are charity items, we haven't reduced them..

BUT WAIT.. there's more! We've got way too much stuff in our store and it's time to put some older items aside to make room for the new! You'll find that as well in Alexohol Hungover! All only 25L until we get our door open!!!

How do i get to this magical place? Take the TP pad right inside our mainstore by the bar.. We'll be putting a door thru the back soon but in the meanwhile.. You can miss it. While you're back there be sure to check out Snuggilicous, the newest addition to the Alexohol family of fine stores!

Also.. Thank you to Prue Genira for giving us a shout in her blog about the Amore dress & Lingerie and matching shoes from Heart & Sole ! You rock!!!

<3 Alexohol Fashions

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