Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's Happenin @ Alexohol?!?!?!

Hey everyone! Here's whats new from Alexohol Fashions(psst there is a lot)!

New Yoga pants in a variety of colors that complete the fresh from or on the way to the gym look! This first release comes in a variety of colors and looks great with our casual tanks and tees for a comfy, yet sexy lying around on the couch, lazy SLunday look :)

All available for 100L each, fatpacks coming soon!

(Solid colors in Black, Brown, Pink, Baby Blue, Red, Grey, Purple, and Blue)

(Prints are in available in Grey Cammo, Green Cammo, Tiger and Zebra)

At our entrance, we have joined in with many other vendors and clubs across SL in support of the Haitian Earthquake victims and have placed a couple of items there, our hope for Haiti Yoga Pants and Hope for Haiti Hoodie that are 100L each and all L goes to the Red Cross International Relief Fund.

To date, SL'ers have donated over 2 MILLION lindens in support of the victims there and getting them basic services and needs. Several vendors have put out other items in support of the relief effort at Scribble.

If you've been by lately you've noticed we've said FAREWELL! ADIOS! ADEIU! & DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ASS TO THE WINTER BLUES with a totally new look to our landing area and the green areas around Alexohol with cherry blossoms, poppies and picnic area, 7Seas Fishing area with gifts FROM our store included with the prizes and more!

Spring has indeed sprung at Alexohol and to celebrate that.. We're in the process of organizing The Alexohol Mall Crawl (hey you just had to know we'd try to relate it to booze somehow!!) It will involve not only us but also the wonderful shops we've got out in our mall area! The dates will be 2/15 to 2/28 with more details to come! So far Divilicous, Dangerous Creations, Heart & Sole, Trixxy's Shop, Studio Nails, IREN, Glamour Puss Photography & Ali Couture are in and more to come as we get in touch with them! All the joys of hunting without having to bounce all over the grid! WOOT! Come and drink up the fashion!!!!

Hey also since our mall is filled with 16 great vendors for you to complete your look we've decided to add some smaller kiosks for even more fantastic opportunities to enhance the shopping experience at Alexohol! If you have any questions, get in touch with one of us for the info.

And last by not least! If you haven't gone yet! The Heatwave Hunt is in full swing and getting great reviews by hunters, bloggers and vendors alike! The starting point is our mainstore and click on the sign for more info! 52 Shops in all! Great gifts! You can review some of them by checking the gifts here @ sl-schnaeppchen Hunt Items Hope to see you on the hunt!!!

psst.. alex has started a fashion blog. look for things there soon :)
BINGE Fashion

psst psst.. LacieCakes is reopening her BRAND NEW UBER AWESOME BIGNESS STORE.. We're there too and will have an item on sale part of her grand opening. go check it out! details are here her blog....LacieCakes

Until next time, stay thirsty my friends.


Alex, Kylie and Ema

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