Friday, January 15, 2010

It's like a Heatwave!

As some of you may know, Ema, Kylie and I have been planning a nifty little hunt called the Heat Wave for months on end! We've invited some of our favorite stores, sifted through applications, checked and re-checked landmarks, sent a million notecards, and done a LOT of designing to get this little beauty underway! 

And let me tell you,  we're not just saying it when we say we have 52 of SL's hottest designers in the hunt!  I don't think even I could have hoped for as many fabulous stores as we have! 

So, where's the starting point?   Well, our store of course!  The hunt starts at Alexohol Fashions!

You're looking for a yellow sun!

Ok, on to part one of the gift previews! (and, not to toot my own horn, but our gift is HUGE!.  there are MULTIPLE outfits for both the ladies and the fellas as well as 2 pairs of shoes!)

Alexohol's the starting point of the hunt, but let me tell you, only the BEGINNING of the gifts!   Shown above: Alexohol's Tropical Bikini & blue plaid flip flops; FluiD Furniture's Picnic Table; Dangerous Cinsation's Tattoo Gift (DC is one of Alexohol Mall's Vendor!); and ICED's Starfish necklace!  ALL Of theese are FREE as part of the Heat Wave Hunt now through Feb 15!

One thing I LOVE about this hunt is the amount of bikinis!  Here's a few of them!

Shown: Alexohol Men's White Tank & Underwear; Alexohol Cami & Pink Bootie Shorts; DivaLicious (Alexohol Mall Vendor!)'s Pink Bikini & Bangles; A touch of Surreal's Bikini, ICED's Starfish necklace; LacieCakes's tropical umbrella hair Accessory (Another Alexohol Mall Vendor!), iPoke's ladie's lip ring, Dangerous Cinsation's tropical Tattoo, Alexohol Fashion's Tropical Bikini; Zahir Design's Snowflake Bikini
And yep, they're ALL free!

And some more giftys! 
On Alianna: Insatiable Fashion's Tubetop, Alexohol Fashion's Men's Palm Jeans
On Alex: LacieCake's Tropical Hair Umbrella, Alexohol Fashion's Surf Hoodie & Sweats
On Ari: A Touch of Surreal's Bikini top & Shorts, ICED's Starfish necklace
House: Relentless Couture's Beach house
ALL Heat Wave Gifts!

This nifty Tree House is the gift from Trixxy's Shop (also in the Alexohol Mall!)
On the ladies: A touch of Surreal's Tank top, Alexohol Fashion's pink Booty shorts; Relentless Couture's Dress; Alexohol Fashions Cami and bootie shorts

And the last of the previews for today display's Zahir Design's Snowflake Bikini and Alexohol Fashion's Tropical Bikini!  (The pose is a cheapie from Baffle!, who is ALSO in the Heat Wave Hunt with an Avatar (the movie) based pose!)

PLUS there are a TON more AMAZING stores in the hunt!  For more information, check out
or, just start hunting; beginning at Alexohol Fashions!

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