Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alexohol is looking for Bloggers!

A while ago I had a large blogger list that I frequently sent out my new releases to.  BUT Rl kinda snuck up on me and I let it slip.  SO I'm looking for some bloggers again!

What am I looking for?
I would like experienced bloggers who take time and care with their posts.  To be eligible you must be an established blogger (have been blogging for at least 3 months), have high quality photos that display the clothing well, and those that credit items in their posts.  Special consideration will be given to those that have blogged Alexohol items in the past.

What will be expected of bloggers:
I will send at least one color of any new releases I have (If I forget you're more than welcome to kick my butt!).   I appreciate the amount of work that it takes to assemble a blog post, and will not expect you to blog every item that I send.  However, to remain on the list I would ask that you blog regularly.  I want blog posts that are inspired by my clothing.  I don't want you to blog stuff you don't like, but I would ask that if you feel my style doesn't fit you, lease do not apply, or ask to be taken off the list.  If there's other stuff in the store that you would like to blog, I'll gladly take requests!  Also, I'd like for you to let me know when you post! (Either an IM, notecard, or email, whatever works!)

Feel free to check out the last couple blog posts for some of my style, or better yet visit us in world and check it out for yourself!  (Tp to Alexohol!)

So, if you're interested, please do the following:
**create a NEW notecard, copy and paste the following application into a notecard, fill it out, rename it "Alexohol Blogger app-(your name here)"and return to AlexandraM Guisse**
Blog Link:
How long have you been blogging:
Any feeds you're listed on:
Links to any posts with Alexohol items:
Any other info:

***End copy**
There won't be a set number of bloggers chosen, but I will be selective, choosing those that I feel best would represent my clothing.  Thank you very much for your interest!  You will be contacted if you are accepted!

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