Monday, May 30, 2011

New At Alexohol-5/30/11!

Limo to Alexohol here!

Happy Memorial Day!

If you missed the Taste of SL list this weekend, we've updated our pinup outfits for 2011! They're just $50L each or salute all 4 branches for just $150L! Special sale on these will stay up until Tuesday!


Two new releases for you!

Up first is a brand new skirt, the Summer Fling skirt!

 Available in 9 different colors or flower patterns @ $100L each or all 9 in a binge pack for $600L!

Next we've got a retro bikini to kick off your summer! The Old Fashioned is here!

Kick back on the beach in vintage style in 16 alluring colors! $100L each or get all 16 colors to suit your mood or style for just $1000L!!!

Are you a Top Shelf VIP? If you're not, this is the gift we just sent out!

 We've temporarily reduced the join fee to Top Shelf to just $100L as an early thank you gift as Alexohol gets ready to turn 2 years old! This is a limited time offer, the join board is at the main desk in our store, after you join, check past notices in group to get the gift!

Coming soon! We're hosting a grid wide hunt for the one year anniversary of A Taste of Second Life!

 We have 50 top designers lined up and more coming, check out the participants list @

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