Saturday, October 16, 2010

TOSL and New Release

Happy Weekend Alexoholics!

This week's Taste of Second Life is "Let Yourself Go!" It's a free week for our designers to do whatever they'd like! For a complete list of the items, check out the TOSL blog.

New this weekend is Wisconsin to the lineup.

This weekend we're featuring Wisconsin and Ohio State as they meet Saturday Night in Madison and selected items from both teams will be on Sale!

Also added to the lineup is West Virgina Mountaineers.

We are also working on repackaging all the exiting lines. This week Florida was repackaged and we even snuck in some in a few new items.

We've done some themed outfits over time, mostly for our Taste of Second Life events and hey, it's October and what better time to expand our line of costumes... So to the Biker Babe, Nurse, Naughty Schoolgirl, Gym Beam and coke , SportsCap, our pin up girls and Bavarian Alps girl, we've added some devils, angels and robin hood(ette). More to come and let's hear those suggestions!

Here are some of the new costumes:

Be sure to stop by the Hangover , our outlet store behind our main store.. It's full of items we're retiring forever and it's all $25L or $100L for the binge packs! Sale ending soon so hurry!

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