Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mega Alexohol Release

Hello to all our Alexoholics! It's been a while since we've sent you a big update but here is the latest and greatest of what's going on @ Alexohol!

1. New Kinis!!! It REALLY has been ALL about the bikini this summer at Alexohol and we've got 2 MORE HOT look for you! Check out the Sex on The Beach Bikini! 9 awesome colors $100L each!

Who doesn't love Fruit Stripe Gum? The taste won't go away in 2 minutes with 7 awesome flavors for you to strut on beach! $100L Each!

2. Bellini Shorts have been expanded with MORE colors! This very popular item from the Summer of Love Fair.

They are now in 13 great colors and a BINGE PACK! They've got cute prim cuffs and are $75L each or all 13 colors for $600L!!

3. Night Fire Mini Dresses are tucked right inside Freshly Tapped! The dresses are available in 9 sexy colors for $125L each or in a BINGE PACK for $900L.

4. Summer of Love fair was awesome! Did you miss it? Our exclusive Summer of Love items are now out in our main store!

Summerwind Tank Top

Jamaican Bum Shorts

5. While you're at our main store check out some of our new additions to our mall! Acid & Mala, SySy, Indie Rose, Izzzie's, Muted & Sassy Kitty Designs are all now there joining our other awesome stores with more coming soon!

6. We've been spilling our drinks elsewhere too! Check out our exclusive items @ Fashion House.

7. Have you been watching the Taste of Second Life updates? We've now added a subscriber (not an SL in world group) for you to get your updates and other great offers from the Taste of Second Life vendors! These offers are going to be exclusive to the TOSL Subscriber group and you can slap the joiner right by our landing point to join! for more information!

8. Looking for an awesome August Hunt? The Platinum Hunt started August 8th and is thru the end of the Month! We've got an info board on our hunt wall which will give you the starting location but here's the info for you!

Also, the Zombie Popcorn Hunt starts on the's a sneak peak of our gift!

9. Are you addicted to Gatcha? Come check out the latest rage and we've got 2 Gatcha exclusives right by our bar! 35L!

10. Finally just a reminder if you have an Alexohol Gift Card. We have removed the gift card system from our store because of the increased lag they cause! If you have one, you can still redeem it by simply contacting Alex, Kylie or Ema. You will need to give us back the card for us to verify how much remains on it and send us a note card with exactly what you want for it, be sure to include the item name and COLOR you want and we'll take care of it quickly!

*WHEW* Thanks for reading! We'll see you at the bar!

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