Monday, March 1, 2010

Gold Medal Gear!

For those of you in North America who were living under a rock, there was a little game played today :P  An absolutely awesome hockey game between the USA and Canada for the gold medal was played!  And Alexohol has your gear for it! 

Starting with the jerseys for both teams:

We also had special Hockey versions of each country's hoodies!

For the next few days only, there's some great Cheapies in the store for both teams as well!  A baseball tee for each team:
and a split jersey for those of you torn, as well as some cute hockey jeans!

Last but not least, with Canada's victory, we have your gold medal gear!

remeber all the above are Unisex items (aside from the jeans) and are all transfer (aside from the jeans!)  They make great gifts so hurry up and snatch up your Olympic souvineers at Alexohol!

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